Coming Down The Home Stretch

bridal gowns

My dress will be here in March!!!! So excited!!

And since me and my girls ordered them at the same time, they should be getting their’s then too!

This year has really gone fast! Ok, from when we got engaged in July up to December 31st of last year, things were slow.

We got a lot accomplished so i’m not talking about wedding plans.

See I really, really, REALLY wanna be married!

And I was fine with getting married at the church office or the court house. Paul was the one who had dreams of a wedding, so he persuaded me to have one.

So, our engagement went by slow…at first. Now this year its like flying by!

Maybe its because this is our wedding year, I’m not really sure. But January flew by and we are almost finished with February…

In March my dress comes, then the rest of the year we have the final planning for the big day and probably in July sometime, we’ll have our wedding shower…..sigh!!

But it’s all good!!

If I can get personal and girly for a moment (and it’s my blog so I think I will! LOL), I never did think that I would be getting married.

Back in the day, in my teens, if you asked me, I would tell you HANDS DOWN that I would be married with a baby and one on the way at 25!

I was sooo sure of it!

All of my family married young, and so i just thought that I’d follow suit.

When my 20′s came and went, and it didn’t happen, I really was sad. I thought that now I’m in my late 20′s and I’m wayyyyy too old!

Then when I was 28, I met someone who I thought I was gonna marry.

But that relationship didn’t last and he broke my heart. I thought this had definitely sealed my fate!

Then by chance (figure of speech of course. There is no CHANCE. I believe that God sent him to me, even in these “modern, internet times”), I met Paul.

Now fast forward a bit, and here we are! READY and planning our wedding! (if you don’t know how we met, check out our, “How We Met” page).

I’m so excited! To finally be able to give my whole heart away to another human is…just….phenomenal!

And it’s funny, because a lot of people are genuinely happy for us…

But at the same time, some of those same people are already telling me that this feeling of excitment and awe and blah, blah, blah…is gonna get old and he’s gonna change on you.

Buy, WHY does it have to change?

I mean, were not in denial and we know that things can become routine VERY QUICKLY but, hearing that from someone you love really is a let down.

I look at being married as just an extension of “dating”. I choose to be excited to see him and have a regular “date night” (with NO conversation that may possibly “suck” us back into married life….does that make sense?).

I CHOOSE to stay attractive to him (and myself) by wearing nice clothes and putting on makeup and fixing my hair and putting on perfume and keeping myself in shape…

I CHOOSE to stay interested in his goals and ambitions…

Come on girls, if you feel me let me hear it!!!!