Fun With Guns (And Beef Salads)


So yesterday, Monday January 21, we went registry shopping.

Dude!!!! Soooo much fun!!

I went in thinking that, “I’ve got a lot of stuff already, so I only wanna register for what I NEED or will use on a daily basis.”

But, when we got there and started looking at everything, that QUICKLY – and I do mean QUICKLY – changed!

For example, a package of measuring cups caught my eye. Now I already have measuring cups mind you; and spoons too but, these are different. The “measuring part” is made of rubber and the cup “folds” into itself.

Awesome right?! I KNOW!!

So, I’m playing with these and laughing, like a little kid, and Paul takes it from me and “BEEP“, scans it into our registry.

And from there on in, something inside of me happened and I went nuts!! I was all like, “Babe, how about this?“, or, “Do we need this?“.

Ha ha ha, any and everytime we went to scan something, I was trying to rationalize why I would like it, and Paul laughed at me and said, “You try telling me WHY we need something, but I DON”T CARE!! Just give it to me so I can shoot it with the gun!!”

Oh YES, Paul LOVED that gun!!… You had to be there.

We only had like an hour because we were meeting up with friends (Michael and Amanda) of ours for dinner at Panera Bread.

I LOVE getting together with friends! Good conversation (we burned through a TON of topics!!) and good food.

Paul and I were standing in line and like a gentleman, he lets me order first. So I wanna be adventurous I guess and so I ask the cashier questions about this type of sandwhich and that one!

I ask about their sauce that comes on this one sandwich and one of the chef’s bring me a sample.

Well let me tell you………….I didn’t like it…so I ordered what i knew. I went through ALL of that just to pick something that was my normal!

Then we all parted ways and we had some time before Paul had to go to work, so we went back to Bed, Bath, and Beyond

Or as we affectionally call it, “B3″…

Or Michael called it, “B to the 3rd power“…

So I was more reseved this time and I told Paul, “We need to register for some inexpensive items as well.

Then we were in the bathroom section and we pointed the gun over a shower caddy, and I said, “Paul, we’re expensive!!” We scanned a few more items before we had to go and on the way to my house to drop me off,

Paul was quiet and it looked like something was bothering him or on his mind at least. When I asked him, he said that he didn’t know. He could be quiet cuz he’s keeping an eye on the road.

Then he says to me, “I’m thinking about registering at Target. Because you’re right in saying that we should register for inexpensive items so everyone can get us something. Becuase not everyone can afford an $80 shower caddy!

I agreed with him and so today (Tuesday January 22) we’re going to register at Target…