I Got My Dress And Getting Stuff Done

I got my dress!!

It’s in my possession in my room as we speak!

I’m so excited!! and my bridesmaids dresses will be coming in April!

When I went in to pick it up, they informed me of the alteration policy again and asked if i wanted to try my dress on…

Well I quickly told them YES!!!

It’s been months since i’ve seen it and it’s MINE and I am a girl sooo YEAH!

Staring at myself in the mirror i couldn’t help but smile! it was just like i remembered. And I still got that same feeling I had when I first tried it on!

Of course it’s too long and they need to tailor the top to fit me better…………….but, those are easily fixed.

But I have a sigh of relief knowing that I have my dress and there were no mix up’s at the store!

On to the wedding planning with Mrs. Smith, so it’s getting down to the nitty gritty. She did her thing again by taking charge but not in an overbearing kind of way.

It’s because she knows what she’s doing………and we don’t……………and……………..she’s AWESOME!!!

A lot of things about that day are going over in my head as I’m writing this but, one thing that stands out from everything else was Mrs. Smith saying, “I just want the little stuff done as early as possible, so you don’t have a headache waiting for you the week of.”

I’m paraphrasing of course but that is the gist of what she said. And she’s so right!

Because I took the week off yeah, but, I’ll be busy trying to acclimate myself on a normal sleep pattern so i’m not tired FOR MY OWN WEDDING!!


And honestly, I have been on the lackadaisical side lately. I mean, like the tulle for the veil, the pieces for the headpieces, the ribbon, the oodles and oodles of fall leaves, they can all be bought with Mrs. Smith.

But making the “table names” (which I think is very creative, thank you very much) and buying the rest of the plates and cutlery; buying the votives and getting the groomsmen and usher’s gifts; not to mention buying the parents their gift, well we can do that now to get them out of the way so we don’t have to worry later…