Irish Eyes Are Rolled and POPped

alabama notre dameLast night, Diana and I made an agreement to break our fasts for a day to celebrate both the invention of a pizza buffet and Notre Dame going to their first National Championship game since 1988.

She’s been fasting pizza for over a month…I’m on the corporate prayer and fast for church

(yeah, don’t HATE or JUDGE, I didn’t stop praying and the fast is back on for the rest of January)

So we’re sitting there, stuffing our faces, talking about whatever comes to mind, and she asks me something that should be of no big deal to anyone…

Except me…

“Should we do cans of soda or bottles at the wedding?”

IF we do cans, everyone gets their own

IF we do bottles (2-3 liters) we could get the servants to fill the glasses at the end of the table…and it’ll probably be cheaper

Now, at that time, I had already THOUGHT of my answer

Then, the question popped that sorta put my head into a spin

“What if someone spills a bottle of soda?”

In my head I was yelling WHO CARES!?  I already made the decision, lets move on.  In fact, who even thinks about these things?

OBVIOUSLY…she does…and this is something that I have to take in account for the rest of my life…

She thinks about every little scenario that could happen, including, what would happen to the cake if a stray cat comes into the church, get’s on the table with four small tap dancing shoe, and a derby, and dances a jig all over it…

Might as well start now

After I cooled my head down, she said “I really didn’t mean to upset you.”

“Di, I’m not upset.  Well, I was, but I have to understand that you and I just think differently.  That was an issue that, never in a million years, I would have taken into account.  You did and it’s good that you said that.”

So after a few kisses on the forehead and a big bowl of apple pie pizza a la mode, we went back to my house to watch the BIG GAME

Well…I tried to watch the big game.  Diana dosed off.

And after about a quarter and a half, I turned off the game as well, just turning it back on to see if the Irish actually scored…

Which they did: The final score was 42-14

Even looking for a good picture to start this blog hurt a little after last night.

But, not really…

We’re still getting married in a few months, I’m not dead because of the loss, and even when there was a little bit of sorrow, that was all healed up by three episodes of…


(yes, life is good)

Also, as a gift from you to us, if you could write in the comment areas of the the blogs whatever comes to mind: tips, encouragement, etc…we’d greatly appreciate it!

Cheers :-)