Photos With Aslan And Moore…

wedding photosA couple more things knocked off our list!!

We have our caterer and now our photographer!

Can I get a “SWEET” from the peanut gallery!?

And we decided where to get our engagement photos done!

We are going to the “Narnia Estate” in Lemont.

So my homework was to call them up and see if there was a fee, around what time do their colors start changing for the fall, etc.

Well to my surprise, and to Paul’s I’m sure, there was no fee.

I even asked several times and all I kept getting from the lady on the phone was…

“All you have to do is come in.  Anytime before 4pm.  If after 4pm, call us so we can make sure that we don’t have a wedding.”

“Sure, ok”…I thought to myself….”sounds easy enough.”

This Is How We DO…

So when I called my maid of honor, I told her about it. She thought that there wouldn’t be a fee because…

“All your doing Diana is standing there and taking some pictures.”

I said to my MOH…

“Not true, Ericka. For example, we were looking at pictures at Lake Katherine and there is a fee.”

She floods the phone with,”Ooooooohhhhhhhh!

So I tell her that, “I tried to email the event coordinator, but my email wasn’t working, so I will just call back in like an hour or two and ask again just to confirm the information.”

Well, in full MOH mode, she says to me,” I’ll call for you.”

And I told her, “Sure, if you want. OK.”

So she calls and gets the same answers I got.

Later I told Paul this story, and he says to me,” See what Ericka did right there, was what a maid of honor should do. She stepped up. She did something for you without being asked.”

And I agree fully…

Kudos to Ericka!!!!

And if you know what Ericka I’m talking about, you can let her know what a bang up job she did!!!!


To all the soon to be brides, a tip for you if you don’t already know:

When looking around for engagement pics or any other kind for that matter, remember to ask if there is a fee.

Also, ask those who work there, when is the best time to take them

(ex:season, morning or evening, they may have pretty sunsets or sunrises, etc.)

View the website of the place in question too, so you can see any shots that you may want to replicate.