Shooting Tumnus

shooting tumnusDuring this whole process, there’s been a lot of times where Diana and I are SUPER busy trying to get everything arranged…

And other times…not so much

And since there was a BOAT LOAD of stuff going on since my last rant, I’m going to write about it…

(I got about 3 blogs of them in me…one about my NEW FAVORITE PODCAST)

Cause, other than pray, that’s what I DO to become SANE again

I write…

And I’ll even keep this one uber-light toned as well..

Shooting Tumnus

Last Thursday we had our appointment with our photographer, Luke

I had decided to take not only the Wednesday night off (my usual day), but also to take the Thursday night off to celebrate MY 33RD BIRTHDAY

(email me if you want to know where you send cash, cards, and well-wishes)

Luke was onsite at the Narnia Estate a full hour before we were supposed to be there

With a small gift for me…since it was my birthday on the 12th

Totally unexpected…highly welcomed…and nothing speaks to me more than non-Folgers/Maxwell House/Taster’s Choice coffee

(Which is a lie: God, Diana, and the call of NBC telling me that “The Irish are playing at home tonight” all speak louder)

So, we walk around the property a smidgen, to find some nice spots to shoot

All the while, the burning question going through my mind:

“Is this place actually named after the C.S. Lewis stories?”

VERDICT: It was…says the wooden plaque

So, we get to a few spots: a bridge, rod iron gazebo, a clock, etc.

We laugh, tell a few jokes, and throw leaves up in the air like little school children on a playground

During the whole time, the wind was blowing mildly and warm, sweeping Diana’s hair across her face, making her look as lovely as ever

Pretty awesome weather for a photo shoot in mid-October…especially with the last few days we’ve had

One hour and 60+ photos later, we got done, picked what we wanted out photo album to kinda-sorta look like

(Which is going to look AMAZING)…

And paid the man to get this ball rolling

We do have the pictures, which you can view HERE to see a master craftsman and his workmanship

After we left, with my wheels squealing the whole way because the breaks needed to be changed, we decided to go to her house to sit and talk in my car…

For only a few minutes…REMEMBER, I had a gift card to blow

Onwards to our old hangout, the Starbucks on Wolf and 179th Street…

Where Diana ordered a Caramel Frappacino…or however you spell it

I got a water…I decided to pass on the coffee at that time

After we spent an hour snuggling and making the Jimmy John’s employee who was playing Diablo III sick to his stomach…

(which we probably DIDN’T do…I don’t think he even knew we, or any HUMANS in general, were there)

We left for me to take her home. because it was getting late…

Well, I thought it was getting late because, obviously, I lost the ability to read an ANALOG WATCH, and thought it was an hour later than what it actually was

But she was grateful for my mistake…it gave Diana an extra hour of sleep, and me some extra time to do…

Well, I forgot what I did, but I’m sure it was super-productive

Tomorrow I’ll write about my adventures in traveling North of Highway 55 to meet our DJ

As of right now, I’ll have a QUESTION:

What did you think of the pictures? We they real good or terrifically good?