“So much time and so little to do; strike that, reverse it”

   Forgive my late entry readers!! The months, days, weeks, and hours are passing by and… so much time and so little to do; strike that, reverse it.(ok movie fans, what’s that quote from?)
I got my dress at Eva’s, and this you know, but I wasn’t too happy about going back there to get my alterations. You see, they share a parking lot with….well….EVERYONE!!! Well not quite, but Eva’s IS in a strip mall and behind it there’s housing so, let’s just say that the parking lot is ALWAYS full!! So when my bridesmaid brought up that the Eva’s in Oak Lawn and the Eva’s in Orland Park were affiliated with each other, well you best believe that I asked the lady at the Oak Lawn location for a confirmation on that. When she said, “Yes”……..then my mind went,”AHHHHHH!” Not only is Orland closer to me but, they have more times for alterations and the parking HAS to be better! So my first fitting was in July. The parking was a little better however, it is in a strip mall. I got in and out! I made my next fitting in August. My sister told me that usually the second fitting is your final fitting, unless the dress is still not living up to your standards. So with this in mind, I told my MOH(maid of honor) and one of my bridesmaids, to come with me so they can learn how to lace me in my dress and how to bussle it. Then, if my dress fits me like I want, then YAY!! the dress is done!
   Then somewhere in the gap of my last entry and this current one, some of the wedding party and I got the wedding favors boxed and labeled, the cutlery rolled, the table markers and the sign, the ring bearer will be holding, done. I’m telling you that after those projects were done, a lot of pressure was taken off us!
   Our wedding shower was a few days ago. It was held at my mother’s. We invited our family and closest friends. FYI in case you didn’t know this: you don’t have to invite everyone from the wedding to your shower. You can have a small, intimate shower. Remember, this is your wedding. You can do anything you want. We were honored with everyone who came and blessed by what was given. If you went to the shower and are reading this; thank you from the bottom of my heart!
   Oh yes, and we found a beautiful place to call home! We looked on our own and when that didn’t work, we asked a friend from church, who is also a realtor, to help us. After a few searches, we found a place in Tinley Park. I couldn’t have asked for a better starter place! It’s everything we asked for and a few things that we wanted but were willing to sacrifice. Paul moves in August 1st. We move my big furniture and the mint-like-new couches that our friend gave us, on the 10th. So Paul will have his bachelor pad for a few weeks until our wedding, then I move in!! Yay! So excited! 
   We’re now into the month of August. Our wedding is literally around the corner! We have a walk thru at church on August 13th. Then we meet up with Mrs. Smith(our wedding planner) a couple times this month to check and double check everything and make sure that we have everything done or ready. Paul’s bachelor and my bachelorette party is at the end of August. Whoa!! busy, busy, busy.