Waddling With A Swagger


I am in a fan-tab-ulous mood and I’m not sure why!

It could be that I had a great checkup with my Maximized Living chiropractor, Dr. Paul and nurse Robyn


I’m seeing very positive progression on my swag

(It’s really more like a waddle! but it IS getting better!)


I just saw the love of my life yesterday for our weekly date night


That my dress is coming in march!

I’m going with ALL OF THE ABOVE!!

A wedding recap of last night’s conversation (this was actually written a few weeks ago. I [Paul] JUST got around to posting it today):

We brought out our saved receipts and went thru them and tallied up the numbers.


Because it’s UBER important to stay on budget; we all know how the cost of a wedding can explode if your not careful.

I am happy to announce, that Paul and I were pleasantly surprised at the cost so far, and the majority of everything is already done.

If you read our last entry you know that we have only the details left.

And since our last entry, we have found plates and cutlery!

Anyways, back to last night: so to celebrate staying within the budget, we decided to watch us some Duck Dynasty.

Na, celebration nothin’!

We watched it cuz that show FREAKIN’ ROCKS!!! And thus is the recap of last night.

I wanted to get that wedding tally done and over with because its important to me to just be him and I.

This wedding is just a day, so I don’t wanna let it consume our every moment together.


So I have a question for all the ladies

What would you suggest I bring in my ever expanding emergency kit for my wedding?

I think I have the basics down, but you know, we all wish that we would have brought……………

Don’t be shy ladies, nothing is too big or too small…